A hardwood Poplar coffee table with a metallic deep blue resin, cut with both live edges facing inwards, the metallic resin is then poured in the gap to create a beautifully unique river table. Then coated with a high gloss epoxy resin that results in a durable and protective finish. This coating resin further results in a glass-like finish. Fitted with black powder-coated steel legs.

This Poplar Blue Resin table has a subtle but intense spiraling pattern shaped into the metallic epoxy. This feature is to further increase the contrast between the Poplar and Resin and to give the piece more depth.

Height: 44cm (4cm wood height)
Length: 69cm
Width: 40cm

The Poplar used for this river table was originally an offcut when sourced, making it the perfect upcycling project. Environmental sustainability is a large factor for all of my projects. That’s why I only use hardwood offcuts for my projects, making all my products not only more sustainable but also upcycled.

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