Elm & red ink textured epoxy coffee table

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A handcrafted Elm hardwood coffee table squared off with translucent red epoxy with gold, black and dark red pigments to create the inky depth effect shown in the pictures. The intense grain of the hardwood, mixed with the unique effect of the epoxy creates a one of a kind coffee table that brings art into furniture making.

The dimensions are as follows:

length: 86.5cm
width: 41.6cm
depth of wood: 3cm
height: 43cm

The epoxy art aspect of this piece requires a slightly different process to a normal epoxy table. After creating a water-tight border for the wood, I pour a base layer of red as it is the main colour for the piece. I then build up the layers of epoxy, inputting different colours in each layer, mixing them with the red to create different patterns. Adding different colours in different layers of the pour helps give the finished piece more depth.s

Dimensions86.5 × 41.6 × 43 cm
Wood type



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