My story

My imagination has been the driving force in a lot of the choices in my life. It has been one of my most treasured aspects of myself since i can remember, and therefore the source of a lot of hobbies and interests i have, this business being no exception. So, if you want to hear the story of why i’m doing all of this, here it is…

Recreating your imagination in reality is no simple feat. Starting of early with Lego, magnets, K’nex… (you get the idea). I spent most of my time designing and creating anything i could think of, with whatever objects i had around me. Which was fun until i realised i had to break my projects to create something new. So as you can imagine i was quite the creative kid. But i didn’t stop there.

Skipping into the future, I moved my ways from: Lego, to drawing, to DIY, to woodwork, metalwork and now resin. All in attempt to find the best medium to convey my imagination. So far resin hasn’t let me down. Which is when i thought it was time to share my art with everyone else. So when you purchase any one of my products, your not just getting any other piece of furniture. Your getting a piece of my imagination. 


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