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If you have any queries regarding what i do, or my products, don’t hesitate to contact us

Please note that throughout the year i will be mostly at university, so most purchases may take longer to process and ship depending on the purchase date

Custom Orders

If you can’t find a product that catches your eye, then consider creating a custom order. I’ll design and create a piece of small furniture based on your exact specification. You can choose the: dimensions, wood type, furniture type and just about everything else you can think of. 

To get started, just contact me through this form, or directly through my email. Then we can discuss your perfect product.


How do i clean my table?

If you have a hardwood table with no resin, any surface cleaner will be perfect to clean the table. You can also -re-coat the table in oil to restore the sheen. If you have a resin table, i would recommend glass cleaner and a lint free cloth to clean the table.

Precautions with my table?

All my tables are made with hardwood and resin, making them very durable and strong, however timber can still tend to warp and move overtime. So i recommend you don’t keep your table exposed to direct sunlight or water for extended amounts of time.

is my table food safe?

Al my tables are food safe, however some burr tables may still have some small holes and cracks in the surface due to the nature of the wood, so i would not recommend putting some foods directly on the table as you may get food residue in these holes.

how do i create a custom order?

If you wish to create a custom order for any type of product, all you need to do is send me an email with your interest. After that we can figure out the details about wood species, size, design and anything else. As i am studying at university, some custom orders may take months to completely finish.